Letter to Sherlock Holmes from Inspector Gregson

This is the letter which I read to him, —
“There has been a bad business during the night at 3,
Lauriston Gardens, off the Brixton Road. Our man on the
beat saw a light there about two in the morning, and as the
house was an empty one, suspected that something was
amiss. He found the door open, and in the front room,
which is bare of furniture, discovered the body of a gentleman, well dressed, and having cards in his pocket bearing
the name of ‘Enoch J. Drebber, Cleveland, Ohio, U. S. A.’
There had been no robbery, nor is there any evidence as to
how the man met his death. There are marks of blood in the
room, but there is no wound upon his person. We are at a
loss as to how he came into the empty house; indeed, the
whole affair is a puzzler. If you can come round to the
house any time before twelve, you will find me there. I
have left everything in status quo until I hear from you. If
you are unable to come, I shall give you fuller details, and
would esteem it a great kindness if you would favour me
with your opinions.
“Yours faithfully,