Bricks, bags and coats

Deal box of child’s bricks on the table in the room of Hugh Boone.

Deal: box fir or pine wood, esp. when sawn into planks of a standard size. A plank of such wood.
Gladstone bag containing a large bath sponge.
  • Gladstone bag: A bag like a briefcase having two equal compartments joined by a hinge.
  • ORIGIN late 19th cent.: named after W. E. Gladstone , who was noted for the amount of traveling he undertook when electioneering.
Coat of Neville St. Clair found on the Thames mudbank and
containing 421 pennies and 270 half-pennies.
  • There were 12 pennies to one shilling and twenty shillings to one pound at the time, so the total amounts to approximately £2.25 today. Not a bad day by Hugh Boone’s standards.