Sherlock Holmes - Character Illustrations

He was deep in some of those abstruse chemical investigations which absorbed him utterly as long as he was engaged upon them. Towards evening, however, the breaking of a test-tube brought his research to a premature ending, and he sprang up from his chair with an exclamation of impatience and a clouded brow.
"A day's work ruined, Watson," said he, striding across to the window. "Ha! The stars are out and he wind has fallen. What do you say to a ramble through London?"

His characteristic talk, with its keen observance of detail and subtle power of inference, held me amused and enthralled.

Sherlock Holmes had listened to this long narrative with an intentness which showed me that his interest was keenly aroused. His face was as impassive as ever, but his lids had drooped more heavily over his eyes, and his smoke had curled up more thickly from his pipe to emphasize each curious episode in the doctor’s tale. As our visitor concluded, Holmes sprang up without a word, handed me my hat, picked his own from the table, and followed Dr. Trevelyan to the door.

“I cannot possibly advise you if you try to deceive me,” said he.

“My advice to you, sir, is to speak the truth.”